Posted on Nov 05, 2018

The Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River continued its distribution of dictionaries to all third graders in Lakewood and Rocky River this fall, a project that the club began in 2005. A total of 606 dictionaries were distributed to students at 11 different school buildings.










Left: Rocky River Kensington students receive dictionaries from Lakewood and Rocky River Rotary Club members Jay Rounds and Michael Shoaf. Right: Lakewood Catholic Academy students receive their dictionaries from past president Lynn Donaldson.

Jay Rounds, project chair, with assistance from fellow Rotarian, Harlan Radford, stamped each dictionary with the Rotary logo and a place for the student’s name.

The following Rotarians visited the schools for interaction with both students and teachers as the dictionaries were distributed: Mark Bacon, Matt Daugherty, Lynn Donaldson, Jon Fancher, George Frank, Pam Gallagher, Chuck Gustafson, Jim Harris, Harlan Radford, Jay and Jean Rounds, and Michael Shoaf.

Members were rewarded with smiles on the students’ faces as they receive their dictionaries and begin to explore the contents. Both students and teachers are very appreciative in receiving these dictionaries and utilize them in the curriculum. A teacher shared that when asked to share something special with the class, one student brought in his sister’s dictionary and said that he was excited to now be receiving his very own.

Thank you letters, written by the students, express their gratitude and enjoyment in owning their very own dictionary. One student wrote, “Thank you for our student dictionaries. I have been using this dictionary a lot and it’s very helpful.”

Another said, “I liked that you added the maps and the presidents on the back of the dictionaries.” A third student stated, “Thank you. I learned a lot of words. My favorite is the planet chapter.”