Aug 17, 2020
Melanie Golembiewski, MD, MPH
Updates on COVID-19

Dr. Golembiewski is a primary care provider at Neighborhood Family Practice's (NFP) W. 117th Community Health Center. With her public health background, she has played a pivotal role in NFP's ability to quickly, efficiently and safely adapt our health care delivery to meet the health care needs of NFP patients. She continues to lead NFP's COVID testing efforts for our patients and residents living in NFP's underserved neighborhood's on Cleveland's west side. From the beginning, Dr. Golembiewski has played a critical role at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health's (CCBH) response to COVID-19, working closely with Dr. Heidi Gullett, CCBH medical director (and also a NFP primary care provider), with a focus on contract tracing.