Community West Foundation

Dec 18, 2017
Peter Schindler
Community West Foundation

Due to the recent hospitalization of PDG Jack Young, who was to be our speaker this Monday (December 18), our program will be Peter Schindler of Community West Foundation. Peter is in charge of Community West's grant program. He works the grants committee and acts as an ombudsman between CWF and the charities that have applied for and received grants.

Community West Foundation is responsive to local community issues, and this past year distributed $2.2 million to 62 of our area’s nonprofit organizations. More important than the numbers, are the people and organizations that benefited from these grants, and who depend on our vigilance.

As a grant funder, CWF sees that the needs of our community continue to increase; hunger, homelessness, disability, unemployment and lack of health insurance are some of the problems our fellow citizens continue to experience. CWF has also learned that our neighbors increasingly suffer from many needs, not just one.

Our club members, Vicki Foster, Bill Baker and Mark Bacon, are on the board of CWF.